Is Being a Liberal and a Christian an Oxymoron?

ImageCan one be pro-choice, feminist, and Christian at the same time? Okay, I’m not Christian nor do I belong to any organized religion, but I believe in Jesus and his teachings. I feel like he was a real person who lived a life that we can model ours after if we want to practice social justice. I don’t know the Bible, but I do know that Jesus accepted everyone and believed in people’s goodness. Along with his 12 disciples, he had women who followed him, and he taught them his teachings. So why aren’t they referred to as disciples as well? It might be due to their gender.

Now remember, Jesus treated women equally in an era that resembles today’s radical Islamist teachings toward women–they shouldn’t be taught to read, lead religiously, or leave the house without a guardian.

He also allowed women to touch him during an era when women’s perceived uncleanliness (due to our menstrual cycles) prohibited men and women from touching one another. They were not allowed to talk to one another, but that is another taboo Jesus broke.

So why do conservative Christians go against the word of Jesus? Just a thought.