How To Link Automotive with Kink

Every business wants to come up with the latest and greatest gimmick to help them stand out. Well, before your business launches something new, make sure it knows how people outside the industry might interpret its attempts to capture their interest. Potential clients bring a boatload of experiences to the table. This means that what your company might see as cool, hip, or edgy, others might see very differently. Like me.

Take AVA, for example, the automated virtual assistant touted by AutoFerret.

I laughed out loud when I saw this, because it reminded me of all the other fembots who have appeared on screen before AVA was even a sparkle in Auto Ferret’s eye. I laughed because most of the other fembots I know about lean toward providing their owners with pleasure. In other words, they were built for sex. Below are several fembots who have aimed to please! And like AVA, they never give excuses or take a day off!

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The preceding slideshow includes five humanoid fembots from the movies Artificial Intelligence (Gigolo Jane), Blade Runner (Priss), Battlestar Galactica (Six from the tv series), The Stepford Wives, and Weird Science (Lisa). And these are just a few of the fembots I’ve come to know and love.

Don’t forget the fembots from the Austin Powers movie! Remember the fluffy, pink, big-busted women who shot bullets from their breasts? Not only do we get well-built women designed to satisfy our every need; we also got women who could protect us. We all know that most men have a breast fetish, but now they can satisfy their gun fetish too! But wait! It gets even better!

We also have the Heineken fembot who serves beer from her belly? I say we combine her beer-a-plenty belly with some bullet-filled breasts and we’d have the perfect fembot!

Svedka is another alcohol distributor who is using the sexy fembot as their advertising fetish. Who needs real women when you can manufacture one that doesn’t complain or take days off and she serves us beer to boot?!

I must admit, while AutoFerret’s fembot, AVA, is a sanitized version of all the ones above, she is also too closely linked with the fembots of male fantasy for me not to notice.

But I’m not the only one who is familiar with these “sexbots,” which leads me to wonder: is AutoFerret really using sex to sell their virtual assistant? Not that they wouldn’t be doing anything new or edgy, but did they know about AVA’s genealogy?

Can someone from AutoFerret let me know? I’m curious.