When Will It Be Okay for Men of Color to Play White Characters?

As a fan of the Walking Dead, I’m not impressed with the release of a porn parody called Walking Dead XXX. I’m even less impressed knowing that those in charge of launching and creating this stupid project resorted to racist practices in order to cast the only Asian character, Glen. A white, blonde man stands in for Glen. Really??!! So you’re telling me that it is impossible to find well hung Asian men in the porn industry, so you resorted to yellowface? REALLY??!! This guy does not look like Steven Yeun, but that isn’t the point of this piece. Porn actors probably take whatever work comes available, right? No matter what film industry we might be discussing, however, I’m sure that men of color only have so many options available to them, and probably less when producers and directors feel free to cast white men as men of color.


stevenyOkay, so I shouldn’t expect the porn industry to be sensitive to issues of cultural competence, but must they really defend their use of the blonde surfer dude as a great substitute because he resembles Glen?! If all the other Black male porn actors were busy working on other projects, would it be acceptable to resort to black shoe polish to get the Black character you wanted? If all the other white male porn actors were busy, would you resort to white shoe polish to get the Black character you wanted?

Are you saying that men of color cannot stand in for white men but white men can stand in for any other race? Should white-face become a practice, what would white people in the film industry say about that?

Thanks to for their insightful discussion about this parody remake.

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