Obama Girl Here

If you couldn’t tell from my posts, I am a liberal Democrat who loves diversity! As I watch the news about November’s election, I’m reminded about 2008’s election. President Barack Obama still inspires hope in me in spite of all the shade and hatred thrown his way by Republicans and racists. I love the music videos inspired by a speech he gave:

Yes We Can!

The Emmy Winning video “Yes We Can” is a collage style music video inspired by a speech delivered by Barack Obama following the 2008 New Hampshire primary, derived from similar union catch cries. The song was released on February 2, 2008 by the Black Eyed Peas member on and also on YouTube.

Obama visited Arizona State University when I worked there, and the department took a picture with him. I cherish that picture. He gave me hope, and now he just gives me the resolve to keep on keeping on. How hard must it be to wake up each day and know that the Republicans have made it their agenda for the last four years to make you a one-term president? How hard must it be to have so much responsibility for so many people who don’t accept you as presidential, as a citizen, as a leader? How hard must it be to be the first Black president in a nation that really believes it is color blind?

I have a lot of respect for of the Black Eyed Peas. He also inspires me and reminds me of the 70s when black musicians wrote songs about politics and social justice and not about Louis Vuitton or Mercedes Benz or bitches.

“In My Name” talks about all of the awful things politicians do in our name. But we don’t even do anything about it. Me included. I am giving Obama another chance to turn this nation that he inherited around. I believe in him still. I hope you do too!


I can’t remember the last time that a president inspired so much hope expressed in music:

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