Flex Appeal in Fashion Mags

You know those pictures of models in glossy magazines? The ones where they are jumping in the air or wearing their hair all frizzy or wearing white lipstick? Sure you do! The magazines that also have models posing in really funky positions?

Okay, how often do you see women doing these things in real life? Well, the last picture is pretty common in the porn industry, but the other three leave me wondering what in the heck the photographer was supposed to be suggesting. What message am I supposed to be receiving when I look at this picture? Advertisements and fashion spreads are meant to spark our emotions. They are supposed to make us feel inadequate or ugly or fat so that we buy the product in order to become perfect or beautiful or skinny. They are supposed to make us run out to the nearest mall and buy that pair of white spiked booties and pink fluffy thing to lay on so that we can pose like that too.

If we are supposed to be lusting after that dress or that purse or that pair of heels, then why position the models in such a ridiculous poses? Why are we supposed to find this tempting in any way? Bust magazine asked the same question when they featured photographer Yolanda Dominguez’s own series with real women posing the same way. I love it that she posed real women in ridiculous positions to show us just how stupid some fashion magazines are! No, I’m not as glamourous or as classy as these fashion models, but even if I thought I was, I would never be so dramatic as this! Here are some of the photos from Dominguez’s series, Poses.


If you have any similar pictures to share, please send them to me and I’ll put them on my blog! Happy posing!

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