“Girls,” and Cars, and “Girls” on Cars (oh, and men too!)

Okay, so it’s not like cars and girls are a recent phenomenon. Girls on cars have been around for years!

Come to think of it. Maybe some anthropologist needs to conduct a study on the preponderance of girls on cars. There is a definitely a historical trend that a researcher can trace, so I’m sure there is something that can be made into a book.

But what did girls lay on before there were cars? Did they lay across horses or cows or wagon wheels? Now I’m getting off subject.

Okay, so what is it with men and cars and girls??!! It’s almost as if they are joined at man’s hip somehow–a sexy “girl”on one hip and a “hot” car on the other. Maybe they are simply Siamese triplets who never found a way to fully separate.

Even an ad for men’s cologne manages to link the three!

And an ad for men’s body wash equates women’s bodies with cars–you know, like you can “ride” them and get them so dirty that they’ll need to be washed. Get it?

And then there’s even a way to link women’s breasts with cars by making them synonymous with airbags. Hint! Hint! (elbow, elbow)

And for those older and higher-class gentlemen who like their women a little more refined, Mercedes Benz has you covered too. Covered with women in evening gowns, that is!

Not to neglect all the fembot talk that takes place on this blog, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring in the ubiquitous fembot on a car image! After all, as pop singer Robyn croons, “Fembots have feelings too!”

But to show Mercedes Benz cares about fembots and realizes that they have feelings too, here’s your friendly fembot doing a self-breast exam. Heaven forbid that Mercedes Benz get a real woman to put in their ad! Fembots might claim discrimination!

Oh! Oh! And here is my favorite. The woman-as-road, since we all know that women are like doormats, but in this case, she is analogous with a road.

So as not to appear like I’m picking on Mercedes Benz, BMW also gets into the act with a wink-and-a-nod ad that appears sexually suggestive!

Who cares if this pretty, young thing is used and possibly a carrier of STDs? Come on, guys! Drive her if you get the chance! She’s still a beaut! And I’m sure your doctor can take care of any problems that come up after you drive her. Oops! Maybe that was a bad choice of words. Nothing might be coming up if you drive too many used cars.

There is also a BMW ad like this that features a man, so at least BMW gives equal time to boys and girls in their advertising for used cars.

But it seems as if some men are claiming their right to put girls in trunks as well. Some might climb in willingly!

But a majority of women in trunks are already dead or dying. These images go well with the trend toward dead women in fashion photography, again, a subject for another blog.

In my opinions, women are merely props used to entice men into buying cars. Some women are eye candy and represent a status symbol. Other women are expendable and easily replaced.

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